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Geddington Chase

Our new site! Situated within totally private woodland just off the A43 between Corby and Geddington , map reference 52.449208, -0.671199.

Just look for the Bushcraft sign and follow the road.


Grafton Park


The airfield was opened in 1941 and was first used by the RAF Bomber Command 1653 Heavy Conversion Unit with Liberators. Grafton Underwood was assigned United States Army Air Force Eighth Air Force in 1942. Its designation was USAAF Station 106. The first and last bombs dropped by the 8th Airforce were from planes flying from Grafton Underwood.

The map is taken from the 8th USAAF memorial and depicts the area as it would have been during the war. Their are literally dozens of slit trenches and ruins amongst the trees, far too may to show. This should lead to extremely atmouspheric and realistic gameplay. The possibilities are endless. Notice the ruined farmhouse!

Images of the site